The latest model Ram 1500 truck is as durable as it is powerful. This workhorse pickup truck is designed to tow close to 13,000 lbs. or haul a payload of 2,300 lbs. on a daily basis. It's also equipped with a suspension system and four-wheel drive transmission that can handle driving over rough terrain and off-road trails on a regular basis.

A large part of what makes this truck durable is its high-strength frame that's made of solid steel. That base frame is what gives it those exceptional towing capacity numbers. Whether you tow daily or only occasionally, the Ram 1500's frame was engineered to handle the strain.

The Ram 1500's Torqueflite automatic transmission includes the latest technology to provide the shifting performance needed to navigate rough terrain with minimal maintenance. The eTorque hybrid system efficiently handles shifting and distribution of power to the Ram 1500's wheels.

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